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"I want to let people think about social problems in a colorful and funny way," says Instagrammer Carlo Giardina (@finnanofenno), a student and freelance photographer living in Milan whose Instagram photos examine the issue of urban air pollution. He combines images of old cars with colored backgrounds he creates using a paint app on his smartphone, with his finger as the brush and his screen as the canvas. “Each photo has a meaning,” he says. “I’m really attached to them. For the green Volkswagen I just wanted to match the car and the house and tell something about pollution in a funny and maybe grotesque way using simple things like holes, circles and color.”

The Instagram community has also got involved, sending Carlo their car shots using the #finnycar hashtag. “I’m inspired by the fact that with just one double tap you can meet the world and share your inner world with others.”

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ballet from above by laura zalenga on Flickr.
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~   Markus Zusak (Goodreads Livestream, November 5, 2013)
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